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The medical imaging and nuclear medicine discipline in Jinan University has been awarded the characteristics of Key Discipline Project, Key Clinical Specialties and the Pearl River Scholars in Guangdong Province. Relying on the advantages of medical imaging equipment as well as molecular and functional imaging technology, this discipline has established a novel visualizing research system for deep understanding of pathological mechanism, accurate diagnosis and prognosis evaluation of various tumors and neurological diseases via multi-discipline crossing research including basic medicine, molecular biology, pharmacy, chemistry and computer science. In particular, the basic and clinical research in this discipline has reached advanced level in the fields of quantitative early evaluation of tumor therapy response based on the PET/CT-MRI multimodal imaging system, multimodal neuroimaging investigation of cerebral ischemic, brain neoplastic and psychiatric diseases, clinical application of tumor radiomics as well as radiopharmaceutical development and clinical transformation, etc. As a member of the standing committee and the leader of PET & molecular imaging unit in the Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine, this discipline enjoys a high reputation and academic status in China.


(The above data and information are dated as of May 2022)